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Your views please.....

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Is it possible?

Has it been done ?

I have a RPI Piper high torque cam going into the 3.9 EFi soon.

I'm wondering if I can make use of the extra torque and lower the revs a little on the longer runs.... May improve the MPG a smidge and save the planet ! ;)

Your views please....


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I don't see why not - it would fit ok but I guess your concern is the benefit you would see in terms of revs / mph.

If you feel you could do with another gear when cruising then I'd say you'd get a benefit. The Series overdrive on ALF is great on motorways even with an oldish 3.5 V8.

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Live on a hill, but not a particularly hilly area, rarely tow.....

Generally pull away in 2nd gear now and revving at approx. 3k at 70MPH...

I recon the engine is good for the lower evs without having foot onthe floor all the time.. (Except I do that cuz I like the noise now..) :)

Thanks for the guidance.. 1.22 it looks like then....

Do the RR and Disco ones literally replace current with no lever changes etc ?


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Neil, it's almost a straight swap - it's just the low operating mech that either needs swapping for your defender one, or taking off and the operating lever on the shaft moving round 90 degrees... I have just done the reverse on my disco - putting a 1.4 box (strangely off a v8 110) in place of a 1.22 one

this is a defender box:


and this is the disco one:


as you can see, the actuating lever is in a slightly different position. I took the disco one off, and attached it to the defender t-box, as this seemed easiest, but on further investigation you can just move the lever on the shaft:


If you want a disco t-box with a defender actuator attached, you would be welcome to it! it needs new bearings and seals, but it works....



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Pete, I did it over two days - took the old one off on one, and put the new one on the next. I was on my own, working on my back, so it is really quite a physical job, so the break in between was appreciated! It took 3 or 4 hours I guess to get the box off - bearing in mind, I have had the x-brake and propshafts off several times recently, so that was all loose and easy. The main job was moving the box back and down, which with the exhaust in place can be kinda ticklish. It is also a good idea to take the inspection panel off the back of the box to give yourself half an inh extra room before you hit the floor.

Refitting took another 3 or 4 hours, a large chunk of which was spent balancing the box on the jack rasing it, and wiggliing it into place, letting it fall off, and then doing it a few more times.... Some big blocks of wood are very helpful so that it dosn't fall too far, or onto you! a transmission jack would be even better, but the sapce available means you have to lift it up, and the rotate it round before being able to fit it to the gearbox....



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