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Brake Drum series 3 SWB


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How can you determine when the brake drum needs changing ? Do you measure the thickness and do you need to change all four and brake shoes at the same time. ?


You measure the internal diameter, the maximum value should be cast into the drum on the outside face.

If you don't change all four I'd recommend changing both ends of the axle at the same time. The shoes will probably need changing, for what they cost I'd change them unless virtually new. I'd also compare the price of new drums with having yours machined.

Finally go for genuine drums, there have been concerns over ovality and quality of materials on after-market ones.

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Watch out for cheap shoes as well, the britpart ones are pants, the last set I had got binned as they were too big to fit in, and when by force I did get them I couldn't adjust them off, then took me ages to get them off again. Binned them and lesson learnt. ended up getting some mintex ones which were perfect

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