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Tow bars and newer Land Rovers


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The tow-bar law changed for vehicles registered after 1st Aug 1998.

Seems you can only have EEC approved bars and balls.

So how can you legally fit a NATO hitch to something like a TD5 Disco ?

The reason I ask, I've got a medium term plan to build an expedition outfit, with a trailer. This law is potentially going to limit me to R-reg vehicles or older.



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What do the MOD do the wolfs are newer than 98.......so there must be something

also what about the tow ball thing that looks like a NATO will that get past the law change.

Also I interested to know what the change is as I have two car with towbars older and two cars with tow bars that are newer than 98..

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I do believe my learned colleague is correct, the laws refer to the frame of the hitch and it's construction, mounting and mounting points. A NATO hitch is simply that, a hitch type designed for the larger ring (oooer) used by the miltary (double oooer, hello sailor) and rated at five of your EU tonnes. As long as you fit said hitch correctly all is tickety boo. It is even legal to fit those crappy orange 1.5tonne pin/hitch combos to a disco/defender/rr as long as the =trailer towed is within the confines of the hitch spec...

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I made up a bracket for mine from a modified LR drop plate kit to have the hitch just below the bumper, because as you say it is a complete plough in standard form...

Non EU approval doesn't matter here :)

It's only the stupid English and Germans that worry about EU regulations.

Go to France, EU regulations, phooooooooooooooooooooey :lol:

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