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My rear axle has developed a leak it appears from the centre of the halfshaft, ie under the rubber cap, well thats where the oil is from, as in the centre of the pic attached, this is the one that leaks prior to leaking!

Its a 1990 RRC ABS axle.

What bits do i need and how easy to do, basically i have not done the job before?


Basics i know, but its a first for me, advice appreciated.



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You need a new rubber cap. Chances are that it really is as simple as that. The rubber cap stops the oil from leaking as it is able to get past the splines easily. It may be leaking as a result of a blocked axle breather.


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Err, I think that that year axle will be greased bearings. The stub axle will have a seal at the axle end that should stop axle oil getting into the stub axle and then out the end.

If your bearings are greased and not oil fed then you wil have to replace the seal in the stub axle which means a complete strip down. You will also need a new stub axle to axle case gasket. Whilst time consuming, the actual job is dead easy - even I can do it without supervision!!

The rubber cap is a dust cap!

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