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Gauge connections - PRC3105 & 3115

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Guest diesel_jim
I've just bought water and oil temp gauges 2nd hand, but not having a defender to bolt them into I was hoping someone could tell me what the connections are, the terminals are helpfully labeled "1" and "2" :rolleyes:

You got them then! cool!

there are ususally 3 connections on those guages... a +ve feed, an earth (connects to one of the threaded bits on the back) and then the "signal/feed" wire, which goes to, say, fuel level or temparature sender, which is bolted to the engine block, so returns to earth.

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Just checked my oil temp & water temp gauges, they are connected thus ------

1 = signal feed from transmitter [sender]

2 = power -ignition controlled 12v feed

centre post = earth connection also you can earth the gauge illumination to here.

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