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New Mantec snorkel

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Chis, you have seen one, or close enough, same as fitted to the Sport,

The one i have has been modified already, with some extra slot in the top, to cure wind noise, but suppose on a defender, do not matter so much :P

Have a "new" TD5 Safari one sat here :rolleyes: was going to be fitted to the 07, but would seam they are very slightly different

Would agreed with Lewis, not the most attractive in the world :(

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?? Been told, that the 07 & TD5 are different,, but only the fitting kit, etc, where is goes into the wing

Think the pipe etc is the same :unsure:

Edt to add,

Mantec have no stock left at present for 07 year, if you have a recent TD5, (ie last year or so) they recon it will fit !!!

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Well, I have ordered a snorkel. I will report back as to what it is like to fit etc...



I think it looks jolly sporting

Will wait to see your new bit of kit with baited breath

Can you ask them if they do one for the nas?

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Yup. It was in stock though so should be here this week. While I do not plan to do any really deep wading, I do not want an unexpectedly deep ford to go from "cock-up" to "disaster".

Tim; Yes, I did. Although I was put on the spot rather with a pro-active 'phone call.


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