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Good landrover garage in Avon/Somerset

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Failing that, there is a place in Bristol that they rave about.

If you are thinking of Christian Autos then that's just a parts place.

As suggested Turbochager may be able to suggest somewhere in Bath.

My local independant place which isn't exactly local to you, DBL in Nailsea are very good and they are straight with you, although the labour rate is getting a bit steep these days, but then where isn't? :(

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What's A & D's like? I know it's not Bath, but I have one of their wheel covers on the back of my 110.

A&D in Winscombe?

Seen some of the work that has come out of there and was not really impressed.

I'd use All Terrain Autos, Warne Road, Weston Super Mare (not Bath I know, but worth the trip for a good garage who know their stuff.) - All Terrain Autos

Can't really comment about garages in Bath as I've no real experience.


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Right, bit of feedback:

Mayborn 4x4 Engineering were absolutely fantastic. The guy couldn't have been more helpful, did a really thorough job, was even happy to jack up the car to show me all the problems, where they were, what had caused them and how they had been repaired. Possibly slightly higher labour costs than your average, but well worth it for the thoroughness and accuracy of the job. My land now runs like a dream again.

Only downside is that the guy is slowly winding down towards retirement, so only works part time, Mon - Weds.

Thanks for the help, Turbo I owe you a beer!

On a related note, do not ever if you are in the Surrey area have anything to do with Reid Landrover in Horsham. When they sold me my Defender 90 which they claimed had been fully overhauled and serviced and MOT'd - outright lie.

Since then I've found that reverse light, brake light and indicator did not work, the rear propshaft rear UJ was badly damaged, front bushes completely delaminated, no oil whatsoever in the transfer box and dangerously low oil in the rear diff. All of which meant that it should have in no way passed the MOT that they "gave" the car before I picked it up. Especially as I paid slightly over the odds for it in order to get it from a dealer for "peace of mind". Still I intend to report them for falsely passing a car through an MOT and am going to try and re-claim some of the money I'm now having to spend off them. Oh and they promised me a roof rack which co-incidentally still hasn't turned up...

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