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Whats Your Limit

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To All,

Aesthetic attachments aside, Im curious to find out where you draw the line when repairing or restoring with your pride and joy.

In the four years of owning my Defender 110, Ive replaced and repaired the following:

Gearbox, (reconditioned)

Refabricated/rewelded bulkhead

Replaced numerous gaskets


Clutch Slave & Master Cylinder

Side & Tail Lights

Repainted inside and out, twice!!!

Speedo Cable

Outstanding Jobs:

Rear X-Member, (Think Ive covered this enough for next MOT)

Neg Earth Fault on lighting system

Replace Number Plate Light

Replace Fuel Filter Housing

I enjoy doing this very much, but I do wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Cheers :lol:

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ok, I think this is going to scare me

<racks memory>

Fuel tank (Funny how that always springs to mind first - hateful job)

water pump


power steering pump

head lights (twice, moving countries)

clutch master & slave

front brake calipers

hub seals


lift pump


injection pump

hand brake

added a leccy fan

indicator switch

rear prop UJs

springs and shocks


Door glass (I accidentally threw a screw driver through it - don't ask :blush: )

Wiper wheel box (dropped a boat on the wiper - same week as the screwdriver/window interface)

That's over about 6 years of blissful Land Rover ownership

To Do:

new doors

swivel overhaul

steering box

radius bushes

brake pipes


fix some of the water leaks before winter :D

I look on it as a rather expensive lessons in mechanics.

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Well I've had my 1988 90 for about a month now and I've done the clutch hydraulics and got a new rear x member sitting on my patio ready for me to cut out the old one, I've changed light bulbs, replaced the battery and have a few bump stops ready to be put on as well as an alternator belt as the old ones worn.

I've only just started on mine and I love it.

For future project I have to repair the bulkhead corners and door pillars and probably do the seatbox and footwells.

I'm going to keep going with mine till it dies on it's ass

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I'm not going to write the list for mine - it'd take too long and it would scare me :ph34r:

Suffice to say in ~7 years I have gone from a standard tatty 109 to my present "classic restoration" :P via a few stops on the way, there's not much of the original left but it's still my 109 :wub:

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I'd hate to add up how much I've spent on Land Rovers over the last 25 years :blink:

Only once did I give up on one, a 73 series 3 station wagon that was just too late to be tax free. After 2 engine and gearbox changes, it was needing serious chassis work for MOT. I gave up then and scraped it, selling parts for more than vehicle was worth and was surprised at how much I gat for the scrap ally

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New chassis

New wings (complete)

New door bottoms

New door tops Military type)



Transfer box

New rad

New brake pipes

Goodridge hoses

Pas and complete steering system

Custom made grille

Custom made light guards

LED bulbs

New military lights

Disc brake front axle

Disc brake rear axle (soon)

New props

Parabolic springs

New footwells and door pillars

Reinforced rear crossmember

Defender type upper shock mounts

Halogen headlamps



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There's a limit ? Why didn't anyone tell me ?

Doors, several

Wings, several

bonnet, a couple

Ashcroft gearbox

steering box

steering pump

steering hoses

rear crankshaft seal, twice

diff changes


lift pump



timing belt, broken

new props

enough UJs to keep Paddocks solvent

clutch master and slave

clutch pedal change

rear cross member

radiator change

intercooler change, several


inlet/exhaust/turbo change

water pump

electric fans, several

brake discs and calipers

wheel bearings

output seals, many

diff input seals, many

hub seals, many

rebush, twice

injection pump rebuild

Nas light

work lights

front high driving lights, several sets, now given up on

tyres, on third set

and on and on over the last 6 years

I stopped keeping a running total when I became too embarassed to tell the wife but I have all my receipts still :)

There is no light at the end of the tunnel :)


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Bulkhead repair

Footwell repair

Rear doors repair

Quick re-spray

Recon 3.5 Engine

Recon Transfer box

Part re-built gearbox

New clutch throuhgout

3.9EFI engine inserted (3.5 sold)

Replacement rear axle (Moved to rear disks)

Repairs to rear cross-member

New wheels & Tyres

New disks, calipers & pads on front

New pahnard rod bushes (Twice)

New springs all round

New shocks all round

Front Prop UJ's

Rear Prop UJ's

All bushes underneath changed to Poly

All track rod ends / Ball joints on front replaced

New PAS pump

New steering box

New steering damper

Replaced steering wheel

New water pump X2 (One for each engine)

Retro fit dash & new stereo fitted

New windscreen (now heated)

Porbably more too but forgotten...

Still to do....

Replace all body work, replace all doors

Replace chassis

Re-register on 57 plate

Oh... And only had this 110 for 18 months....

Needless to say, this was a cheap purchase.. Or that's how I justified to the Missus.. ;)

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I've seem some of the work you have done on your vehicles MOG and it's outstanding - especially the ambulance.

You should post a list - we now have enough bandwidth :lol:


Thanks Les ;) The spankers new Defender is nice but I do need a new project ...SWMBO might have different ideas though :rolleyes:

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Clutch Slave

Clutch Master x2


PAS Pump (thanks JST)

Fuel Inj Pump

Props f&r

Rear Ball Joint


Starter Motor

Water Pump

Hand Brake - to X-Brake

Springs & Shocks & Brake Pipes as part of lift

Bushes, seals, generally...

Track Rod bushes

Rear Door

In progress:

19J engine replacement to get to the Lake District......... Thanks Les.

To do:

Rear Crossmember

Chassis repairs

Well, look on the bright side, I haven't wasted any money on shiny new body panels!


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God I thought I was having problems lately

1996 300tdi 88000 mls (owned him for 3 years)

new clutch

new clutch salve cylinder

brake pads all round


alarm spider

tyres twice

front hub seals

both front window lifts

ns front indicator (stupid women with a shopping trolley :angry: )

Thanks guys you've made my day my landy's not as bad as some :D

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I’ve had my car seven years and this list just scared me. It all seems reasonable when you’re looking at one more job to do:


PAS pump swap

2.5NAD rebuild

300Tdi/R380 conversion

1.2 LT230 swap

Swap the R380 for one with a mainshaft in it

2x 24spline axles and discs etc

Props plus innumerable UJs.

Then popped a diff so went for a TruTrac.

Then go 4HP22 auto with 1.4 t-box

The 300Tdi has had 2 water pumps and at least 3 alternators.

The NAD used a rad and a couple of alternators too.

The rear chassis has been replaced

The rear tub has been replaced

It’s had three fuel tanks.

Four springs and at least eight shocks with four more planned

Bushes galore

Now I’m planning a 1.2 t-box behind the auto once I’ve rebuilt it.

Both front doors are shot

The bulkhead needs doing

Let’s not forget servicing too…

Mine’s now on 230k miles, seems I’m not quite there yet. The speedo is the only rotating part that’s reached that mileage though….

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Well ignoring the trivia (and Fridge's cast offs) I'm now on:

engine (twice)

transfer box

rear axle

front axle (excluding case)


spring/shocks (twice)


Simex (twice)

Still to do is the chassis and some twisted body panels. :rolleyes:

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300tdi 90 - owned it for 5 years, rtv and playdays every month and my daily driver with approx 10k miles a year.

1 diff,

1 half shaft,

1 rocker shaft and pushrods after a snapped cam belt

1 water pump

copies amounts of alternators (deep wading), wheel bearings, prop UJs, brake pads and tre's - but i consider them service items.

thats it.

although if i were being thorough - its needs a new body as its getting a bit battered and dented now. But i wont do that cos i'd get upset the first time i lay down in a gully and dented/scratched down the whole side.......

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