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Dip Stick

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I have changed the block in my 92 Defender and put a disco block in, does anyone know if the sumps are different? reason for the question is that the dip sticks are different lengths and I wanted to put the engine back to as original as possible, but noticed when I put the dipstick in it the oil was miles above the high limit, so I lifted the outer casing as high as possible, I then added 6.8L of oil as suggested and measured it again, it was twice over the high mark, any ideas?

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200Tdi engines in Defender & Discovery are fitted with the same sump so EPC shows me, ERR1790,

are you using the Discovery or existing dipstick ?

the dipstick outer tube can slip down & show a false high oil level reading, reckon that is the problem, remove the outer tube & open out the lower end a bit more so the little brass olive sits tightly, you should be able to see the mark on the tube where the olive should be to give correct oil level readings.

I used a pair of long nose pliers to reflare the end of the dipstick tube, just put the closed tip of the pliers in & rotate the tube to reflare the end.

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Use the dipstick that matches the sump to state the obvious.

Phil due to the inlet manifolds been different it was better to dit the dipstick from the defender.

western I will give it a try, but I think it fits snug :huh:

Can anyone confirm the how many litres the engine takes, is it 6.8L for the Defender and Disco? 200TDi

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