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Ebby install in a 110

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Someone on here was looking for pictures of my Eberspacher install. It's been mounted for about 6 months, the diesel plumbed in for a month or 2.

Finally got the electrics finished a few days ago.

I mounted it under the LH seat, being on the same side as the battery box and diesel line.

There are 2 vents, the big one blows forward and the small one to the rear. The intake is about 6" from the door.



I teed into the diesel line over the rear chassis rail:


Then ran a line to the fuel pump mounted on the chassis rail:


and then on to the ebby.

The flexi pipe is the intake, routed inboard and out of direct airflow, to stop it sucking in any nasties.

Steel pipe is the exhaust.


Mine came with a rheostat control, so I extended the cable with 7 core trailer lighting cable, down through the floor, along the chassis rail and up through the transmission cover. Just need to add some grommets to the cable - I only had enough to do the live and fuel pump lines.


and up to the rheostat mounted on the dash.


I extended the 12v wires down through the floor, along the chassis rail and into the battery box, where they run through a fuse and then to my 2nd battery.

I hadn't run it since I bought it about a year ago, so after a few attempts it roared into life. B)

The only slightly puzzling thing is that the rheostat control has another position anticlockwise from OFF, which seems to just slowly run the fan :unsure:

Does anyone else's do this?

Just need to get myself the programmable timer for a toasty truck in the mornings B) B)

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