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Disco 2 suspension compressor

Martin Coetzee

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Hi everyone

I own a Disco 2 with rear air suspension.

After a recent overland trip( Extreme conditions. Lots of snow and water crossings.) , I noticed that the vehicle sagged at the back.

Firstly I thought that the air cushions went, and after investigating I found that they are fine.

Now I assume it's the compressor or the compressor valves.

Question: Can one overhaul the compressor, and if possible what needs to be replaced and whats the part numbers.


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LR dont do any bits to repair them,I've got about 8 of them sat under the bench waiting to be repaired or thrown out.I was going to sort out what I need to do it,but like the 40 odd P38 EAS compressors that are witing too - I just dont have the time to do it.

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