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FIA cutoff - fuel pump feed

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Slow but steady progress. I now have the switch physically installed in the battery box and have wired up the resistor pair of terminals as per the diagram. A friend is going to crimp the new battery cable for me next week.

This evening's question (hopefully the last one on this topic) is where am I best intersecting the feed to the fuel pump to put it across the second set of terminals on the switch?

Do I simply cut the wire in a convenient place and run two extensions (each one in-line crimped to one end of the cut original cable) back to the battery box and then put them across the pair of terminals or is there a better/neater/easier way of doing it?

Hopefully nearly done on this one which only leaves about two million other jobs to do!!

Thanks and best wishes


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I ended up catching it just after the wire came out from the loom near the side of the engine. Did an in line crimp and ran wire back through a rectangular grommet near the fuse box, ran it under my Wrights Off Road matting in at the edge of passenger floor and gearbox hump and back into the battery box, then ran the return wire same route (wrapped pair in home made insulating tape loom) and direct to the pump.

Moment of truth came when I tried to start, and (hallelujah) it worked!!

Next weekend I plan to wrap the wires in the engine bay with black insulating tape to make it look neater. Also hopefully will be able to get new battery cable crimped and fitted so it will all be operational.

Thanks for all the help.

Best wishes


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