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Disco 200tdi & g/box into 109 s111 ?

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I have bought a 200tdi engine and box to fit into my series three 109". The box is the 'short stick' out of the discovery though which puts the gear lever too far back. Is there an easy way to convert it? Can i just use the linkage off a defender or do i need to 'fabricate' something? Cheers, Tim.

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Just to back up what has already been said. To convert the gearbox you will need to pull it apart (special puller required) and rebuild it with bits from a defender box. Friend did this for me a few years ago but it was only worth it because my defender box was knackered and he had a disco box sat there.

You are probable better of getting a second hand defender box or seeing if a reconditioning place will take yours as an exchange unit, depends on your budget.

The tranfer box is the same though except the disco will have a 1.222 ratio box and the defender should be 1.410, again you are probable better of with the defender transfer box especially if you are running big (more than 205) tyres as other wise the gearing is a bit tall.

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Stage 1 front axle is OK. :)

On a series you are starting with 4.7 diffs so a 1.2 transfer box should be fine.


if anything, with a 1.2 t/box you will be undergeared, i run one and have rebuilt axles to 4.1 diffs

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