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Volvo Portals on a Defender 110 SW

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Has anyone done the conversion of Volvo Portals to fit a Defender 110 SW already?

A friend of mine has offered me 2 axles as I was actually planning to install the Maxi Drive Portals, but now I need some input from people who have done this conversion aleady. I definitly need disc-brakes again, too.

Thanx for your help.


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Has anyone done the conversion of Volvo Portals to fit a Defender 110 SW already?

yes lots :lol:

I was actually planning to install the Maxi Drive Portals

not as strong - cost more money :(

I definitly need disc-brakes again, too.

not a problem :)

What ratio are the axles you've been offered Oily?

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dont buy what you cant see unless you know the seller well.

check the spec plate thats rivetted to the diff - this gives the ratio, some monkeys have been selling 7.56s for strong money having told people they are the much more usuable 5.99s.

Plan on changing the front axle gaiters (invariably split or due to split), check the diff lock acutator is in good nick and operates happily (length of pipe and a good hard suck on the other end (fnarrr fnarr) should make it click over easily.

check for lower kingpin play - not a biggy, we do a conversion on these to get rid of those nasty £186 volvo lower bearings.

pinion bearings and wheel bearings are worth checking, everything should spin nicely.

look at the Track rod end knuckle casting for signs of abuse, the Army approved method to pop a TRE is the beat the casing with a BIG hammer until the TRE comes out (it eggs the tapered hole :( )

after that you can go mad :)

we source halfshafts in either standard or uprated, do castor corrections, anti wrap, CVs in standard or uprated, disc brake kits to give landrover, toyota, or jeep stud pattern, CTIS etc etc etc..

Ive got 2 pairs of 5.99s in the lab in Hampshire at the moment for sale, no shipping hassles and you can see them in the flesh before you hand over any hard earned. I also try to help out as much as poss if you do decide to have some.

please note: my advice is only based on experience - if you want the "truth" please ask the experts that have never worked on them :lol:

hope that helps a bit :)

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Just out of curiosity and no knowledge of portals are these the better cheaper option for this sort of conversion?

A while ago reading some of the threads I heard portals cost about £5000 a peice as well?

In your real world experience how much would you expect to pay for a set of portals?

judging from some of the pics would I be correct in saying they have drum brakes?

please pardon my ignorance! :blush:



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That doesn't sound too bad.

The current owner of the Volvo is a very good friend of mine dealing with those Volvos 4x4and 6x6.

He's offering me these from a 4x4 which he's going to strip:




I don't know the ratio though :huh:

How does installing the portals affect the speed of my SW?

How much time would it take me to convert them to disk brakes and fit them to my Defender?

What price am I looking at, when buying a ready-to-install pair?

Thanx, Oily

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the cheapest solution Grant is using Mog stuff but theres a trade off to be had..

if you want it cheap then you need to do a lot of work.. fitting Mogs will involve a lot of skilled fab work.

if you want it light you have to spend, Volvos are a relatively painless fit to a landy and weigh considerably less (dont believe the "they just bolt on" lines you read though) than mog axles. A standard Volvo axle will have drum brakes - this isnt a major prob as the consumables are landrover parts however drum brakes (even those fitted with the Volvo wading kit) will suffer from some entertaining lack of performance when full of water/swamp/pooh. You can upgrade to discs at a later date so you can break the spending over a period of time :)

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If one was going to buy a pair of Volco portal axles, what should one look out for in terms of common problems and compatibilty with my 90 ?

Sorry for the hijack oilworker :)



Don't worry Mo,

I am sort of used that my threads are getting hijacked.

I just seem to be someone who asks the questions that no one dares to ask :huh:

So long, Oily

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Can anyone tell me how much overall height you gain by fitting volvo portals instead of a L/R axle (distance from ctr of axle tube down to the ctr of the stub axle I spose) and how they compare to the L/R axles for width when fitted with the disc brake conversions?

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With 16"x38,5"x16" baya claw tires with full pressure on 11"x16" rims and no load there is about 46/48 cm below the diff about 10 cm more to the axle housing :)

Imagine a centreline between the centre of both wheels, and you will find out that the bottom of the diff-housing is above/starting there (hope that was understandable :rolleyes: ) I am from Norway and all the spellings in english is not that easy :)

Ketil :)

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What's the difference between 5.99' and 7.56's in speed when installed on a 110 SW?

You can work it out using the gear ratio calculator. I have the civvy 4x4 diffs which are 7.29, I run a 1:1 transfer box from an early RR 3-speed auto, and with ~36" tyres it does 60mph at about 3000rpm in 5th. Low range is incredibly low, which is great - saves buying an underdrive :P easy option is go for bigger tyres to raise the gearing.

Height gain is about 6" (the drop of the portal box). Width is not a lot extra - the disc conversions knock an inch off each side. I can follow ruts and holes dug by "normal" land rovers in the 109. Although Petal wouldn't fit with the 18" wide boggers - it wouldn't need to :lol:

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I have just had a long chat with my local MOT (TUEV) guy about my plan to install volvo portals under my 110SW.

I now need a few pictures of a 'normal' Land Rover 110 (or 90) fitted with Volvo Portals.

I have to show that it has been done, that these Land Rovers are street legal and how it looks from the front an the side to give him an impression of what I am really intending to build, or have build.

Thanx for you help.

So long, Oily

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just go to the ladoga official website - almost everything carrying a "3" or "4" series race plate is on Volvos - plenty of porn :)

304 is Gayboys car (Finnish Spanner Crew), its sold now and he's in Kosovo at the mo sunbathing doing some UN stuff but he checks his mail (he's called Holst on here)

417 is Magnificus - it was built in Estonia and now owned by Russians, its heavy as hell but built tough :)

821 & 424 were lash ups :lol:

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Thanx :D

I will see what they will tell me tomorrow, these guys over here in Germany are just weird sometimes :(

Next year, if everything works out fine with my workschedule, I will be at the Ladoga, too, as a friend of mine is going to start in the Proto Class and asked me to help him with support, driving the truck, etc....

But until then I hope to have my portals and given them a though test on my travel to northern Syberia.

Thanx, Oily

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