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broken injector pipe

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Well me and my daughter broke down last night in Penzance. Defender lost power with the overpowering smell of diesel.

Turned out the pipe to number 2 had sheared off at the bottom join (furthest from head) RAC took 5 hours to get us home (50 miles)

Roger Young came out and fitted a new one this morning (great service) gratis as still under RY warranty.

Technician said never seen it before...

Anyone had it happen to them?

Looked like the pipe had been cracked for a while as there was some dull metal on fracture as well as the newly sheared shiny bit.

Anyways back up and running although stinking :rolleyes:

RY 10/10

RAC 4/10

Defender - perfect handsome!


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I have never heard of this happening with a Tdi, which I presume is what you have? I did happen to me once with an RAF Bedford TK 4x4 but as that was a six we turned the pipe over and hammered it flat and got home rather unsteadily on 5 cylinders.

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Guest diesel_jim

It happened to my 3ooTdi 110 when it was still only about 4 months old (totally unmolested and in factory condition).

LR assistance came and chaneged it. can't remember which one it was... #3 i think

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I've had one go on my old 2.5 NAD. STANK, no power, but I managed to drive 25miles to the nearest LR garage!

Lewis' mate had one go on his TD when they were visiting me.

They need to be very secure otherwise they rattle and wobble and the ends case harden and fracture. I carry a spare now - all the threads are the same, and they can be reshaped with a blowtorch and a pair of manly pliers. Good enough for an emergency.

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I had one 'go' on my old TD. Temporarily replaced it with a high pressure flexihose for the drive home.

Funnily enough, the Defender would not fit in the garage of the hotel I was staying at. I was allowed to park under their marquee... Unfortunately I have lost the picture where the Defender is parked under the marquee of the 5 star Georges V hotel in Paris, with me in my cover-alls, hood next to the vehicle, head into the engine bay. :hysterical: The cabbies had a great laugh, as did the porters who handed me towels after I was done. Somehow I was not allowed back into the hotel with my dirty shoes and clothes smelly like diesel, looking like a grease monkey. :rtfm:

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Unusual for a TDI pipe to break, they are under very low pressure compared with the common rail system on the new defender. The pipe looks like it was damaged already, as you said! If it had burst due to pressure it will go as a hairline crack that can be difficult to spot by the naked eye. <_< As most people have said above it is probably due to the clamp being missing at some point. Parent's 2.5D had the same problem, the engine came out of a vehicle that had been on fire and the clamp between the lines had melted so didn't know that there should have been one.

At work we burst pipes on a fairly regular basis but we run much higher pressures than normal and do a lot of things that you shouldn't on an engine! Burst pipes on a TDI aren't a major issue, other than the stink of diesel :P , on a common rail or smilar high pressure system it is a much bigger concern. It is very unlikely to happen but if it does switch engine off and run walk calmly away.


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