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Oi Deano


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Yes you have ya dirty stop-out! :D

But business comes first when it's your own mate.

Do you hear anything from Niall?

He registered when this place first started and then dropped off the radar.

Well the Business means I can have new cars rather than 13 year old Rangies. Must admit it is nice to have a vehilce that I don't have to worry about other than the usual Tax Insurance and servicing although I must get my CSK back on the road it is rotting away in my driveway.

Met up with him in August he was home breifly on leave. It was the day I blew my diff and phoned another freind of ours to say that I had the Disco 2 on hire and he told me he was in Glasgow. Long and short was I met up with him had a coffee and took him to Ayr 40 miles away. Gave me a good excuse to drive the Disco not that I needed one was going to spend the day driving it anyway.

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Ah nice one, glad he's ok.

That 2.7 is a really nice lump for a stonecrusher I thought. Not driven one myself but had a ride around the block in one and was quietly impressed. Can't stand the look of it though, it's even worse than the old shape!

Yes get that CSK covered up mate, they are starting to get rare. I even heard of one being pick-up'ed and bobbed 1.gif bluddy heathens! It's bad enough doing it to a normal two dr but that takes the biscuit. There's a guy from London who visits the garage next to my work with his CSK, and I've let the garage know that 'll be interested if he ever wants to part with it. After all, nothing looks prettier than a 2 dr, especially in black.

I've still got the piccy of the CSK's inline that Niall sent me years ago :)

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Yeah that would be good thanks.

The CSK is nice. Ever since I had my TD4 I have only moved it out of the way to get my Caravan in and out. One of these days I will finish the new garage, only been building it for 6 years, and I can get the car under cover. I have started to collect the bits I need to put it right so once the next big deal goes down (for the next big deal read first big deal) I will get someone to restore it properly back to its former glory.

Have seen a photo of a CSK pickup in the classifieds of one of the mags never seen a bobtail. It is horrendous that people feel the need to reduce the numbers however it means that there are fewer origional vehicles around and they are still making reasonable money. In the state mine is in I recon it to be worth in the region of £3k with road worthy ones fetching £5k which for a car that was built in 1990 is quite good.

TDV6 is nice particularly the HSE but as I stated on the Freelander forum I think Landrover is going to have to review the design and specification sooner rather than later because the Freelander 2 in my view is a better vehicle.

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Hi Greg!

Good to hear from you mate. Yep, settled in pretty well. Bought an '88 RR so am keeping myself busy!

Melissa is 37 weeks pregnant now too, so we have hospital bag packed and all ready by the door for when she decides to 'pop'! We're ready to add another Fisher to the world!

How's you and yours?

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