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Brake Pads


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I think you need to start looking at different compounds rather than just different manufacturers.

That aside, I would rate mintex pads every time, and don't use anything else anymore.

They do different compounds:-

Standard, 1144, 1155, and even more heavy.

In my 90 I used to run standard mintex discs and 1144's all round, having removed the brake balance valve, monster stopping. Because they are a little harder they seem to last better in the goo; they do cost a bit more and can squeak a bit when braking lightly a road speeds.

These guys are very good Questmead



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genuine pads last somewhat better than aftermarket ones here but the usage is a little different - not sure how they compare on paved roads

I usually only use genuine because the aftermarket ones rattle or squeal and I have thrown more than one set of cheapies away in the past just due to bluddy irritation :angry:

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Mintex seem to last quite well ………………….. last lot fronts did 40K and were a tad over half worn when I replaced the axles & discs ………………

Generally rears should last longer then the fronts as they have less effort to do …………but on LR’s this does not seem to be the case. Currently my rears have done 10K and are showing very little wear.

BTW: I do not run disc shields on front or rear……………………all discs are solids with no drilling of grooving

I think Brookwells stock mintex ……………………..but whatever their std supply is ............ that is what I use ............... wear & stopping are fine.

BTW: Ferodo are std fitment of the Jeep and the fronts last 40K and the rears did 80K..........................



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Most pads are much of a muchness you pay more for quality and they do last longer , But it depends on what you want to do with your truck driving in the carp all the time will take its toll on any set of pads , I used to go for decent pads in my challenge truck but depending on the texture and abrasion of the terrain i would be lucky to get more than a thousand miles from a set of pads , so therefore I now go for the cheaper versions until someone comes up with a good hard wareing pad, maybee even ceramic ones , well they make clutches from this stuff , but I guess then the discs will wear out quicker .

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Another vote for Mintex and Questmead,

Use them a far bit over the years on the competition side, even made up some specials to try on the last Ypres rally, excellent

Mintex here as well, I buy them from Paddocks 5 rear 2 front at a time, I run 3G disc's which are not cheap.


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