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that sinking feeling


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200tdi (just been fitted) brake system untouched less vacuum hose in fitting.

vehicle stops as expected. in fact for a landy it stops better than expected!

but the pedal then slowly sinks to the floor when pressure is applied.

m/c fluid leaking past or vacuum issue? or other?


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If it were a vacuum problem the pedal would go hard and not sink to the floor , I have to agree with Chris on this one and say master cylinder , Check the condition of the fluid first if its going or already is black in colour then it is likely that the seals in the master cylinder have gone to mush, you used to be able to buy kits for these and after a light honing of the cylinder and fitting new seals all would be well .

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JST, you're not the only one. :rolleyes: This happens on my 110 as well, sometimes the pedal is fine, sometimes it falls.

I changed the complete master to one of "Britparts Finest" a couple of years ago. <_< This time I'll refurbish the original master that I luckily saved "just in case" with an OEM kit. ;)

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