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Which clutch plate


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The gearbox on my 110 will be swopped with a fresh one from ashcroft. Will bring it to them next week and get a fresh one.

Because now i't's an easy job I would also like to replace my clutch plate and pressure plate. I see suppliers who do 2 types. The standard one and the heavy duty one (130). What's most suitable for a heavy laden 110 (2750 kg when ready) which will be travelling to Dakar and back this winter. I would think the 130 one? But is it interchangeable?

Cheers Bowy

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Removed the gearbox tonight. Glad I did it because when I saw the pressure plate I noticed something strange.

5 fingers had worn completely away and all the others down to 1 or 2 mm thickness on the spot were release bearing runs. Is this normal?>>??? (never seen this before on my series)

Clutch plate is already a 130 one. And looks almost brand new. But will probably replace it anyway now I'm at it.

Cheers Bowy who's leaving to the UK on sunday for a visit to Ashcroft.

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