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Paintwork Polisher

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Hi all,

I am after a small cheap polisher to buff up paintwork, I have seen and used these in the past from Big 9" angle grinder types to small palm 12v versions, all have low low low rpms etc so as not to burn the paint, but I can't find anything suitable

Anyone know who does these small n cheap prefereable :lol:


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If you want very smooth and shiny, well worth using some detailing clay - comes in a kit with spray from McGuires(?) to get all the embedded bits of rubbish out of the paint first, especially the horizontal bits like bonnet, the flares on the sides and roof. I just used some on mine to get rid of all the grinding debris which stuck in the paint and went rusty (OK - I know now!). Works a treat innit - well bling :lol:

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Yeah I was just on about blinging up my engine but I just bought this http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=280159096320 cause I like the way it looks. Plus I'm a retard.

Oh why did I do it :(

Random orbit are the preferred tools of the paint guys, although I think they're more for sanding rather then polishing, but I've been wrong before. D.A.'s they call them, don't ask me why...

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Attach one of the cats to your drill with some Velcro …………. keep to other cat as spare for when the first used goes off to clean itself …………… it’s a pity the rust proofed mog is still not around …………he knows what taking the pi$$ really means………….

or rent a mudflap ...............pay em peanuts and you get monkeys ..............



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