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Will a Disco 1 diff fit my 90??

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Any diff will fit any axle among the following

110 front

90 front & rear

Discovery Tdi front & rear

Discovery 2 front & rear

as long as the splines are right i.e. 10 or 24. The diffs have subtle differences in the way they go together but as long as you swap it as a complete unit then they will go in, the only bit you will have to change is the propshaft flange if it is wrong i.e. 3 bolt flange for a Rotoflex coupling on the Discoverys, or 4 bolt for a conventional prop, but they are easy to swap too.

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more work than the back, in that you've got to (re)move the front half shafts somehow, either by pulling the whole swivel off in one, or dismantling it to get the CV and shaft out.

hmmm I think I favour the "whole swivel method" sounds a lot better....probly only needs to move a few inches to be clear of the diff and the brake pipes should be long enough to do that, sound about right?

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Yup. Beware though that the swivel will try to rotate once unbolted and will try to hang on the brake pipes. Try to avoid this by using a rope tied round the spring in such a way as to prevent the swivel stressing the brake pipe.


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Cheers Chris

... Either that or unbolt the calliper and steering arms completely, and remove the swivel and shaft and use it as a opportunity to change your swivel oil seals as well?

mmmm I thought this, while it's apart I may as well, I did a tempory job with the one by cutting it at the top and bending it round, so it would be a good opportunity to do it. When taking the swivel off like this can you get to the seal between the axle/diff and swivel/hub? i.e. keeping the EP90 out of my grease :lol:....which it doesn't do at the moment :rolleyes:

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