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Discovery 2 fault code help


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I have a disco 2 v8 and have had the normal problems with the abs tc and hill decent lights coming on.

I have pluged me mates snap on diagnostic computer in and this fault code that came up was this

P1590, Land Rover, Rough road signal implausibleDrive cycle A:Signal implausible

Has any one any idea what this means? even if its not anything to do with the abs i would still like to know what it is.

Thanks very much.

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Found fault code P1590 in my Rave info

it says

P1590 ---- ABS rough road signal malfunction ---- hardware is OK, but the SLABS ECU is sending an error signal.

P - 1*** codes are manufacturer specific codes which maybe associated with a particular ECM/ECU, component or module

hope that helps :D

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guess it looks like a trip to land rover then. With abit luck it would end up costing a mint!

Or find a good independant specialist.

Generic fault readers are ok, but are limited in their capability. You really need someone with a proper LR specific Diagnostic kit.

Whereabouts are you?? (might be able to help ;) )


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That's very interesting. It looks like I may have that fault on my 300 Series Discovery. When you start the vehicle the ABS light comes on. When you move off the ABS light goes out. However a little while later the ABS light comes on again. It started happening when I was off roading in the Pyranees. The brakes work fine BTW. The tracks were not hard but very bumpy. Does this sound similar ?



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