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Td5 exhaust manifold modification

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Guest diesel_jim

I'm building myself a Td5 110, and plan to get the engine chipped and intercooled.

I've read stories where the exhaust manifolds have come loose/cracked etc, due to (i assume) too high a boost? or excess heat?

What sort of mods are done to the stock manifolds that i read about, are the faces milled so that they're all flush and the webbing milled out? how much webbing to be removed?

and is it worth drilling out the stud holes and fitting larger ones? (i'd have thought they'de be M8, so possibly increasing to M10?)

While the engine is on the floor (when i finally get one) it would be the ideal time to whip the manofold off and do the work, nice and easy access.

cheers all!


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Guest diesel_jim
Have a look at 'Lara' s threads on Devon4x4 website. I think he has made up a new (bling)

manifold. Not sure if they will be commercially available though.

Yeah, i saw that.... just waiting for Simon to start retailing them...

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Check out this on the OEC website.


I did all that a couple of years back (when it first happened) with my chipped & intercooled Td5 - made no real difference in the long term as I still had to sort warping & stud problems every 10-15K miles. Can't do any harm to mod' the standard manifold, but the 'Lara' tubular solution looks the way to go.

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We have had some success with the following:

Drill out holes but still use 8mm studs - this allows the manifold to expand and contract a bit

Skim the thing flat

And get it ceramic coated inside and out - this cuts the temperatures down dramatically to where you can run the engine with your hand on the manifold.

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