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Freelander Vibratatiin


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Please help! My Wife has a Freelander TD4 HSE on an O4 plate. (5 months out of warranty!) Its only done 44,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago it started making a heavy banging noise which sounded like the propshaft was coming through the floor in between the drivers seat & the passenger seat! The whole car also felt a bad vibration between 55 & 65 mph, which felt like it was coming from the back of the car.

I spoke to landrover & various other sources & was told it would be the Viscous coupling. To make sure the problem was drive related, my mechanic removed the whole propshaft & took the car for a long drive. He said it drove 'like a new car', with no vibration & no banging.

I ordered & replaced with a new viscous coupling, along with new propshaft bearings, a new UJ & new diff mounts.

Now the knocking has totally gone, but the vibration between 55 & 65 is still very bad. (which still feels like its coming from the rear)

Can anyone advise what to try next? Its been mentioned that it could be the IRD or the rear diff, but the mechanic doesnt think at 44,000miles it will be. Other people have advised if the VC was damaged for any period of time that it could have put a crack in the chassic. Ive also been told the propshaft may need balancing. All of these ive no idea about, but i dont want to keep throwing ,money at it if im not fixing the problem

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Saying "it isn't that because it has only done 44k miles" is daft logic IMHO. I wouldn't expect a vehicle to need a new engine at 35 miles either but I've seen it happen! I would think that either of those are worth checking out properly if only to rule them out. Neither component is reknowned for mega strength...

I would also say that an out of balance prop is a possibility. The prop bearings are on a fairly floppy rubber mount which is fine when everything is balanced but I can see that if the prop was either bent or way out of balance in some other way, it would take on a sort of horrible rotational wobble within the constraints of the prop bearings which could very well produce a most unpleasant noise.

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thanks for you help. Do you know if there are companies out there who balance propshafts or can tell if this one is bent or contorted in any way? (we live in doncaster)

ive been offered a second hand complete propshaft from a 53 reg car for £370. with 30 days warranty. i know there will be no long term guarentee with it, but im still considering this as an option. Any thoughts?

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I am some way south of Doncaster so regrettably not in a position to recommend local suppliers :)

There is a company called the Propshaft Clinic http://www.propshaft.co.uk/ who I think I have seen favourable comments about but no direct experience. May be worth a call - likely to be cheaper than a new shaft I should think or they may be able to confirm if that is the problem.

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How worn are the tyres? Try putting the rears to the front and see if the noise moves or goes.

Try reversing with hard right lock, if it bangs, the rear subframe, front OS mounting is breaking the captive nut out of the frame/chassis.

If the VC had seized, it can easily take the rear diff or IRD with it. The diff mounts are all OK are they?


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