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Just got my Exmoor Bench Seats

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As the title suggests just got my Exmoor bench seats and lapbelts, but no instructions whatsoever, have emailed them though

In the meantime...

If anyone has any tips as to position of lapbelts and seats or better still photos that would be smashing!

Have to say their load area mats are good, very thick (6mm) should provide a little sound deadening too, the bench frames quality isn't the best and the hold up strap hook doesn't, but they do the job.



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I fitted bench seats to the back of ALF (88" Series 2 body) and just held the seats in place on the tub (central) and marked the holes through the frame. Lap belts I fitted just to the rear of the seats at each end and centre so that the belts came through the gap between the seat cushions.

Hope that helps.

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If i remember right, (was a while ago when i fitted one)

But am sure on the 90 i fitted a seat to, the back rest had 2 locating prongs, which when bolted loosely to the seat back, slide from below in two elongated slot in the tub top rail inner panel,,,, Then a fiddle to tighten all up, :(

This then held the back rest to the rail, then 2 bolts on the base frame towards the rear, then the base could fold up

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