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New 110's and road tax - aka VED

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Guest diesel_jim
I should think that a double cab with a SW roof and sides fitted later might just slide under the radar... :P


after 5 years the customs people don't bother (i think) to chase you for tax that you should have paid if it were a "car" not a commercial.

and if you were to swap the DC roof for a full one, i'm sure you'd easily recoup your money (for the cost of the side panels and a spray job) just on the sale of the roof itself! B)

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Can anyone tell me what band an 07 XS 110 Station Wagon is in ?

I heard a rumour, if you get one with unglazed rear panels, it fits into a lower VED band.

Can anyone confirm/deny this ?



My mate has this one


6 weeks old and hes dented it alreadey.

But its £300 a year to tax, but got the dealer to pay for the first 12 months.


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