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Hylomar 2000


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If it's the black goo, then LR supply it, or your local motor factors should be able to sell you a mastic-gun style cartridge of black goo for a few quid. It's high-temp universal super-sticky sealant type thing, not regular instant gasket so don't let them sell you the wrong thing.

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I have used exterior (marine) RTV Silicone on the last 2/3 occasions.

- It seals way better than the cork thing for a start.

I know some will say, use a non hardening compound to avoid oilway blocks, but as long as you dont go overboard there is not much chance for bits to drop inside.

I have had the sump back off at least twice recently and each time the silicone is in one peice with no evidence of bits lost inside.

p.s. trick is to put a bead on the sump, allow some time for it to skin & then mate it.

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STC611 is about £45 plus vat from dealerships though. This is the non setting stuff used for cam carriers and pretty much everything on the 'k' series engine. I used to get quite a bit of the stuff at one point, 'fraid i dont anymore, you may find some on ebay.

STC50550 is the black high temp flexible sealant stuff you want, about £7 from dealerships i think.

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