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dented pride

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hi i recently been off roading when my ninty sliped into a rut and up against a tree leaving me with a rather large dent and no alpine window well a very kind man knockoed on my door last night to tell me he was selling his landy and had a roof for £40 pounds very kind of him any way to the point how big a job is it to remove and refit the roof any info would be great thanks

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Pretty straight forward actually - just zillions of bolts that hold it to the top of the windscreen frame and body sides. Once unbolted - the roof will just lift off. It's quite common for there to be bucket-loads of silicone sealant where the roof joins the top of the screen where someone has made a totally pointless attempt at stopping the wet from getting in.

I even beat SteveG to it :D


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Easy job, cut sealant over windscreen frame and roof, undo all bolts, take off seat belts and door seals, take off roof, put new one on, bolt up, door seals and seat belts back on, clean and reseal around windscreen frame.

Probably take longer to take off headlining and put it back than the roof. You'll need two people for lifting off and on.



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