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Waffle boards


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I did pm Mark sometime ago, but you know what farmers are like, they are a busy breed with those sheep and stuff, and his constantly modded tray back.

ideally I need boards to be about 130cm, to fit in the opening where the rear door would be on a disco


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This "waffle board" is what is normally and generic called "molded fiberglass grating" and it is used for flooring in industrial buildings.

- Vehicle Bridging Ladders

- Bridging ladderss

There are lots of places to get this stuff, just do a search for < (molded) fiberglass grating >

You can find them on ebay too: http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll...le=Waffle+Board

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Hi Russ

after some negotiations me and a mate have just purchased a very large pallet of the stuff. plenty there in the length you want (and more). Next time you are over I can sort you a set.

Hows the build....more pics needed


Cheers Mark

the reshape is going slow, one could say I work like the famous Orgasmic Farmer :D , only manage to work on it at the weekends, hopefully fill the back in this weekend,

PM me a price,


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