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Re-riveting a D110

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Hi All,

I can remember a few snippets here and there over the years for hints on re-riveting the rear of a D110.

I've done a search and not found these old snippets (maybe they were from the "other place" :o


- what diameter rivets?

- what kind of rivets? (blind)

- what material (Alu or Monnel?)

- I think I can remember something about SS washers on the inside, is this a good idea? - do I need longer rivets for this? As a matter of fact - how much of a blind rivet should protrude past the rear surface?

- does anyone use any anticorrosion or sealant around the rivets before popping?

- and finally - the tool - compressed air pop rivet guns were all the rage as it gives better control and lessens the possibility of the gun scratching the paintwork - I think there was a post about placing a large piece of wood on the front of the gun to stop this - any hints?

I am planning to put together a techarchive type post once I get all the hints together.




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I used 5mm (or possibly 4.8mm, whatever it's the standard size) on mine, standard aluminium rivets. On holes that had become enlarged I used ali rivet washers to give the rivet some grip. Lazy tong riveters are good, air powered ones even better. Normal riveters will probably lead to paintwork scratching as you say.

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