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OT - main bearing replacement


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Yes I know I should not waste my precious tool time on non-LR activities but I need some real help here.

Has anyone out there replaced a main bearing in a frontloader washing machine? (the one at the back between the inner and outer drum)

It's a kleenmaid (on the front) but I think it is sourced from LG. but, having spent some too time on a Bendix in the past I think they are pretty much all the same inside.

I guess I have to...

1/ remove battery negative terminal (I don't know why but it always starts that way) :blink:

2/ remove belt, remove belt wheel nut (~22mm nylok), remove belt wheel, (slight percussion may be required)

3/ now I'm lost :(

- do I have to remove the whole inner/outer drum from the machine to push the inner drum shaft out, so I can pull the bearing out the back? - or does the drum move far enough to get at the bearing? - or it all pop out into your hands once the nut is undone? (yeah right).




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I'm not familiar with this make, but have dismantled a load of washing machines for spares/scrap.

You have to seperate the inner and outer drums, to do this they have to be removed fom the machine as a pair.

Before removing the drums undo the nut (or screw) holding the pulley on, the pulley itself may be fitted on splines, flats or screwed on. There may be a locking compound on there just for fun.

Once out the outer drum has to be split, there may be two halves joined round the centre or a drum and lid arrangement. I have seen them held together with screws, clips or weld. If yours is welded forget it. Get a new machine. If the outer drum is chrome steel (bright & shiny) it will most likely be welded.

Once split the inner drum should lift out from the bearings with its shaft, a hammer tap may be needed.

The bearings can be drifted out of their housings, I'd change the water seal and check the condition of the brass ring (if fitted) on the shaft that seal runs on.

Most bearings are fitted in sleeves on plastic outer drums, if the outer drum is steel the bearing may be held in a four-legged "spider" this may have to be removed from the outer drum, check that it's not rivetted in place!

Don't forget to remove the door seal before trying to lift the drum out. The easiest way to get the drum out is to free all the pipes & wires and turn the machine upside down (with the top off). The weight of the drum will relax the suspension springs, you'll have free off the dampers fitted to the bottom of the drum. Then lift the machine away from the drum. Do this on flat ground or it's bye-bye drum!

The drum assembly is v. heavy as it has concrete dampers fixed to it.

[Haynes]Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly[/Haynes]

HTH !!

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