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OT: 32 volt power supply


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Apologies - entirely OT but I wonder if anybody has any suggestions. I have a HP Photosmart 8250 photo printer, predictably just over a year old so out of warranty, and I think the power supply is u/s, it is supposed to produce 32V DC at 2.5 amps and it wobbles around 9 volts when you first plug it in and then the light on the cord goes dim and then off completely when it is plugged into the printer.

Any ideas where I could get a cheap 32V power supply that might do the job? The printer has only done about 50 pages and is exactly what I want so I don't want to throw £150 odd quids worth of printer and the spare ink I have away if I can solve the problem easily. The power supply has a funny 3 pin plug on it but nothing that 5 min with a pair of snippers and a crimping tool couldn't solve ;) all I need is something that can suck in 240V 50HZ AC and spit out 32V and at least 2.5 amps DC.

any ideas? going to ask around and see if I can find a 2/hand one looking for a home but not that hopeful as I didn't buy the printer here, it came from a Comet store in Sussex... having said that there might be other HP printers that use the same voltage.

Ta :)

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You don't reckon correctly :lol:

Ebay is unfortunately a waste of space down here as they won't let me register (or wouldn't, I haven't tried again lately) I did see one on there that looked like it might do the job except it had a silly American power plug on it.

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I have been using ebay for 3 whole years before ebay/paypal became available for my country. I "learned" ebay the hard way so this is not an excuse, not to me anyway :P

Or you can have someone from UK (or US) bid for u and arrange an overseas delivery with the seller (or get in his name and send the package over to you). There are a lot of offers from ebay.co.uk so maybe someone from this forum would like to step forward and help you...

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I will show you how to wire a plug next time you are in the UK. :P

The above link has postage to FI listed at $20 odd.


Hah - not so fast! The mains plug was built into the power supply box on the one on Ebay (bit like a mobile phone charger) so could not be rewired easily and I am well aware of how to wire a 3 pin plug thank you :P

My printer PSU has a standard 3 pin "kettle connector" socket which you can plug a normal PC type power lead into but the one on Ebay was different.

And our mains plugs are standard UK 3 pin plugs, what do you think we are, ruddy Argies or something? :rtfm: Bah humbug!!!

Paul - if it produces 32 volts DC and 2500milliamps then I will be interested, thanks B)

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The adapter I gave you the link to is exactly the one you need except the power cord (which has the US 110 V type plug).

If it's a HP PhotoSmart 8250 printer then that is what you're looking for. Any adapter that says "0957-2093" on it is good for the job.

The adapter plug that goes to the printer has 3 pins: +32V, +15V (or 16V, not sure) and common ground. It doesn't matter that it does not say 15V on the adapter but only 32V. On all the adapters the 15V spec is missing but it supplies 15V too. The printer doesn't work without the 15V. It has hardware and chips that need 12V and 5V and it would be a stupid thing to use 32V and to dissipate the difference in heat .

The part # is given in the manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00378172.pdf

This is a list of all accesories and consumables: http://theconsumablesdepot.com/cat/Hewlett...mart%208250.asp

Here are some pictures:




The US market is buy far the cheapest except the Asian one and it's closer to you.

If you don't like using ebay then no problem. You can buy one from UK for 35 pounds + shipping, for example http://thesuppliesshop.co.uk/catasp/pdetl....ldStockID=18103

Happy hunting!

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Cool, ta :)

The one for my printer definitely only has 32V out because there are only two of the three pins present inside the plug, and it has a pin-out diagram on the power supply box but you are right it is p/no on the box is 0957-2093. The new one from that last link looks like a good bet, I shall make some enquiries, looks like the hunt locally has drawn a blank :(

Thanks B)

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You're welcome. Good work then. At least the postage is surprisingly cheap.

By the way, just curios, don't you have to pay VAT when you collect the package?

Oh, and I take back what I said about the +15V. The 8200 series don't have it :blush:

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No we have no VAT at all down here, and if you order something for direct export from UK most suppliers will deduct the VAT at point of sale.

I think they have probably screwed up on the postage but a firm quote is a firm quote ;)

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