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TDV6 Servicing Costs?


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Not sure how many new Disco owners look here, but... We are thinking of selling all three of our motors and buying a TDV6. I've had nearly new TD5 Disco's before and the main dealer routine servicing costs were ridiculous, leading me to sell one of them. Does anyone know if the new ones are the same? Being even more complex (I think), I suspect they are even worse!

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Servicing a Td5 yourself should not be difficult.

It doesn't require diagnostics for routine work.

Well, the above isn't the whole story. I've had about 6 or 7 TD5 engined Land Rovers, mostly 90's, and I do my own servicing generally. With the Disco TD5 I sold, as it was nearly new I felt compelled to keep the service history up to date. Having all the previous owners receipts for servicing, I was horrified at how much it was costing - £600 to £1,000 for routine servicing. It was under warranty so no expensive faults rectified into that, so I decided I wasn't going down THAT road, and sold it on before it needed another service. With a recent vehicle it seems one can lose a lot of money on resale, or not be able to sell it if it hasn't got a good service history. I feel it's a bit of a nonsense. The 90 I bought recently went in for a main dealer 'service' just before I bought it. They changed the engine oil and the centrifugal filter and topped up the washer bottle, nothing else.. Go figure. You or I would do a darned sight more than that, but someone interested in buying your motor wouldn't want to know (usually) without that stamp in the book.

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Keep a detailed record of all your servicing (receipst for parts) and there are service shedules

available for download from the www somewhere.

But I always buy my vehicles to keep, not with the intention of selling

in a few years to upgrade. I have only ever sold 2 vehicles in my life, but then

again I am only on my 5th vehicle I have ever owned. The other 2 were written off in accidents.

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