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Fuel tank sender - wire connections.

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When I replaced my tank I am sure I wrote down what the 3 connections were :blush: however I seem to have lost the bit of paper.

Could one of you lovely people tell me which wires go on which connectors (from top to bottom). IIRC and checking the wiring diagram there is Black (earth), Black and Green and a Brown wire.

Oh - its a 1988 V8 110.

Thank you.

EDIT - I also have a black box fixed behind the dash console (with the dials in) which looks like a small amplifier - i.e finned on one side. It has a Lucas sticker on it and has an ISO (radio) type connector which is disconnected. What is it? I recall someone asking the same question a while back, but searching for black box brings up a lot of pages - will keep looking.

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the black finned box is the dim dip unit, if the sidelights are on & engine is running the headlights should be on at about 10% illumination, if the dim dip isn't working either disconnect the unit & normal sidelight/headlight operation will be possible with no dim dip, or replace the unit to restore dim dip operation.

if the earth connection is a threaded stud put the earth wire here, then connect the other 2, if the gauge reads empty & the low fuel light is on But you know you have fuel just reverse the 2 wires, then the gauge should read correctly & the low fuel light shgould go out.

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Thanks Ralph, I suspect there may have been a reason the box was disconnected then ;).

For the sender, it is the connections to the tank I need to know. As a starting point for your analysis, which of the spade connectors (of the 3) on the tank sender should the earth be connected to (top middle or bottom)?


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