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200tdi in a ninety

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Inspiration and help regarding 200tdi conversion

I was inspired by ROB 110 HICAP and his conversion to 200tdi using a 19J turbo setup.

He told me that it really makes a difference. It makes a HUGE difference much smoother and lower noise and fuel consumption as well. I hope this will help some in their project or maybe inspire others to do this convert as well.

The whole story can be found at: www.serie2a.dk

Kind regards Claus Pihl (Denmark)




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This is the set up i bought my 90 with...yes the fuel consumption is ok...but i wouldnt say it was less noisy...what i found is i cant get above 65 and thats running with a 1.2:1 tbox....at that speed the engine is reving its nuts off....i am now fitting a bigger turbo to make life easyer.....but i guess with every mod you loose something and gain something.....

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All right. now i has been driving the 19J setup on the 200tdi for a few month now. It seems a lot better now. I've been turning the turbo a bit up by two turns, shortening the link. It runs werry well, same speed compared to other normal 200tdi's. There has not been any problems, so far the last 4000 miles so i think this is at any stage the easyest way to convert a LHD defender. The turbo sounds as it is supposed to, and it dosnt sound like its overloadet.

I strongly recomet this steup as an alternative to the modified exhaust pipe.

Thanks for the nice replys. Claus

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