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Sedimentation filter cleaning

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Well this is my first posting on this forum. Due to the rainy weather expected here in Reykjavik I will spent this weekend in the workshop. I was wondering what is the best way to clean/check the sedimentation filter on my 110 from '89 with a 200TdI fitted, will post some pictures later?

Thanks for the reply from Reykjavik,


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Take the bottom bowl part off and scrub the bowl out in a little bowl of petrol, that's what I do. Fit 2 new seals, job done :)

Forget about just draining it through the thing in the bottom, it doesn't get most of the muck out...

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On my 110 NAD the seal P/Ns are

AAU9903 (upper)

AAU9902 (lower i.e. between 2 halves of the bowl)

605011 (little tiny one on the drain cock - which since you will break it ;) is 37H7920)

there is also a little o-ring between the sedimentor head and the plastic collar

FWIW although the books say to disconnect and raise the fuel inlet pipe to prevent leakage, on mine it seems to be mounted high enough that nothing siphons out of it even with the bowl completely off - YMMV

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