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Help needed changing Diff flange.


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I've got the 3 bolt disco flange off,but the new 4 bolt one doesn't appear to fit -

It slides on the splines,but goes on too far,so the washer and nut wont tighten down on it.

Should there be a spacer or washer dehind the flange?

Is there more than one type of 4 bolt flange that would fit a disco/defender standard diff?

What have I done wrong?


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MicroCat shows the four bolt flange as FRC3002 .....................

It appears that the 3 or 4 bolt flanges are options and directly interchangeable ................. I cant see any spacer options.

There is also FTC5322 listed for 90's as well as the above ..................... but FRC3002 is correct for the disco



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