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TD5 R380 & Fuel Pump

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Guys, firstly does anyone have a pic of a Defender Td5 R380 with the linkage still on? Can't find one anywhere on the net, or does anyone know does the linkage sit further forward on the Def compared to the Disco unit as it would seem when you're driving them or is that just a product of where the engine & box are mounted in the respective vehicles?

The other thing is I pulled the fuel tank today, cleaned it and then pulled the pump. Someones cut a section of the bottom of the pump away and tried to reseal around the coarse matter filter at the bottom. The sender float is knackered where it's moulded to the sender unit so effectively the sender unit is knackered. Please tell me it's available as a seperate part???

Ah carp I hate buying new fuel pumps they're so frickin expensive :(

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Defender R380's (and LT77's for that matter) have a shift linkage that extends about 12" forward from the rear of the gearbox. RR & Disco ones have a linkage that is pretty much straight up from the back. The two are not interchangeable (ask me how I know) without swapping the whole a*se end of the gearbox - basically it's almost a rebuild.

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