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200tdi 'vibration'at 3000rpm


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Since my cam-belt saga, and having the motor back on the road now, I've noticed that the engine appears to 'vibrate'quite a bit at around 3000rpm...

When I say 'vibrate' - I mean like the engine is being thrashed - a 'tingling' vibration can be felt through the gear stick, pedals, and generally in the cabin....Not like a loose engine mount, or something knocking/vibrating.

Now firstly, I'm not sure of this is 'normal'', and I've just got used to driving a nice new(ish) car with modern diesel engine, and forgotten how the Disco Drove - I keep asking myself - 'did it used to do this?!'

Any ideas, or feedback on your 200tdi - does it rev freely and without any significant vibration at 3000rpm? - Mine is quite noticably 'rougher'at 3000rpm, than say at 2500....like I'm thrashing it too much....

Not a major problem, as it's not usual for me to rev it at this range - just say 1st gear, always passes to this rev range, and it feels 'rough'

Or if a problem, what might it be - could it be something to do with the Crank pulley/vibration damper?



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Got it!

Found the problem last night - well chuffed that it's fixed - made a huge difference, and it's back to how I remember it now!

It was a bolt that had fallen off the power steering pump - holding it to the block - obviously just resonating at a certain rpm...

New bolt, nice a tight - hey presto...


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