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Paul McCleary

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With a degree of luck, I shold be entering next years Ladoga trophy. I will need a tough Boook PC for the comp car for navigation. Can I get away with normal laptops for the Support trucks or even tablet PC's?

The used toughbook prices usually run at a premium compared to normal laptops, often far more than a reasonable spec new branded laptop. I'd rather have a new computer than a manky used one, but I don't want to spend thousands as I need one for each vehicle. Three in total.

I've never used PC's whilst mobile before, so would appreciate any advice on what generally works and what doesn't.

The Support trucks are Volvo C303's and will be used off road in the UK, but not at competition level and I'm not sure if a normal laptop is up to the job. :huh:

Thanks in advance.

Paul. :)

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Although the spec of toughbooks appears low - they run pretty fast! Mine is only 1GHz, but out performs a 3GHz Sony Vaio on most things - particularly rendering CAD drawings which is memory & processor hungry. The Sony has 4Gb ram versus 1Gb in the Toughbook.

Lots of Ex Utility CF18's go on eBay - and if you're lucky, for not that much more than a regular laptop with the above in mind.

I'm more than a little impressed with my CF18


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