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Convert sidelights to LED??

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I am thinking of converting my sidelights to LED so that if I ever needed/wanted to leave them on (or forgot to turn them off :( ) then I would be OK. However I am finding the selection process on ultraleds.co.uk awesomely confusing. I wondered if anyone has done this before and if so could give me the serial numbers for what I need.

I know they cost more but I am attracted to the very low load on the battery system and have been hugely impressed with the LEDs I have used to replace my interior lighting.

I have just fitted new Wipac NAS style holders and lenses in case that is relevant.

For the stop/tail light this seems to be the one I think


These are red LEDs but presumably these will still be OK with the red lens

For the front side lights and number plate light I think it may be this one


But I am not sure since it suggest this is 17w whereas the normal is 5w.

Is anyone able to either affirm that these are right or point me in the right direction?

Thanks and best wishes


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