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disco 3.9 non starter


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Last night my 1999(series1)discovery cut out and wouldnt restart.It has LPG conversion and was running fine and without warning just died :( .i have since found out there dosnt seem to be a spark and also after loads of cranking there is no smell of fuel(petrol or gas) <_< even though the fuel pump primes when the ignition is switched on.

It has recently had a new distributor fitted(less than 100 miles) with a new link lead to the amplifier/coil.First port of call was the alarm spider.Pulled it out and soldered the link leads on like in bogmonsters thread but still no joy :(

So what i was wondering is -

1-how the ECU gets its signal to energise each of the fuel injectors(distributor or crank sensor)

2-How to test the distributor/amplifier

3-could the lack of spark/fuel both be linked to the distributor

4-am i looking in the wrong place :huh:

Help please,i havent got much hair to start with,but what i have got is being pulled out in lumps

Ta very much

Paul :)

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that was how i thought it worked. but thanks for confirming it.Ordered a immobiliser bypass lead today just to remove that problem once and for all.

The only other queery i have found upto now is that according to RAVE when a voltmeter is connected between battery(+) and coil (-)the reading should be 0v and when the ignition is switched on should remain at 0v but should increase when cranking.But i have got 12v with the ignition off 0.3v with the ignition on and when cranking :huh:

Paul :(

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Sounds like ignition amp then. IIRC they're about £35 if it's mounted on the dizzy. If it's on the wing under the coil, fit a GM one instead.

What on earth would we do without the expertise of some Forum members..........?

I swear there are chaps on here and other Forums, who know more about Land Rovers than Land Rover themselves........ :)

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