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how much weight?


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Interesting one this...... does anyone know what the maximum weight is that I could put on a landrover roof?

Basically have sold a concrete sectionnal garage (as per classifieds forum) and the buyer does not want to dismantle the wooden roof, as this would mean ripping off the felt, taking all the wood apart, then reassembling, new felt etc. Its made out of some serious woodwork. But to add to the fun it needs to come out through double gates which are narrower than the roof itself.

One of the many ideas I am running through in my head is to jack the roof up (Hilift's) and lower it onto the 110 roof, then drive it out through the gates (about 5ft away!!) then somehow get it off the roof of the truck. Now this may be madness :rolleyes::rolleyes: but struggling with this one. The truck is higher than the gates.

The easiest alternative might be to get a load of people to lift it off and through, but, 1) its quite high so probably out of a lot of people's reach, and 2) trying to get that many people (I reckon 8-10 to be safe) would be nigh on impossible!

Also wondering about dragging/winching it off as a possibility.

Oh I wish I had a truck with a HIAB on it!

So if anyone has got any inspiration/clever ideas, please let me know...got a week to sort it.







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You'll probably damage the felt anyway removing the roof. The rest of the roof only looks like joists with ply nailed/screwed to the top, possibly with a few spacers. I would keep the joists and replace the rest. At least then you'll be secure in the knowledge that the roof will not leak for a while.


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