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Injector Harness Oil Contamination

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My Td5 grumbles at high revs, just like the V8 did when it wasn't getting a strong enough spark oddly enough.

Sure enough there's oil all the way back as far as the ECU connector.

I'm wondering whether this oil travels just on the outside of the wires or through their core, as in if I clean the connectors will that make any difference or does the oil create resistance throughout the cable?

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Cheers fellas, I promise I searched before I posted but the search only seems to search for the first word you enter and so I got a bunch of stuff about injectors, then I got pee'd off before thinking of searchding 'harness' :D

Ok and I've read about the prob here: http://www.web-rover.co.uk/nav.php?p=td5kb/oilharness but needed some further clarificatiion cause he says replace and I say 'wasteful' and 'avoidable?'

EDIT: oh and is there any glue / sealant / gunk that I could introduce to the injector harness connector on the inside under the timing cover that will put up with the heat and not contaminate my oil?

2nd EDIT: Any reason why my favourite cleaning tool: a windolene squirty bottle full of petrol shouldn't be used here?

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