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88" Hybrid - making it legal


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My 88" hybrid runs on a shortened RR chassis with a (megasquirted) V8.

It is tax exempt but there is not really enough of the orginal vehicle left to justify the tax free status. On an SVA the score would be zero points! I am sure I am not the only one.........

I thought a good way of solving this (apart from SVA test) would be to rebuild it on a 90 or 100" chassis. (I would have to buy one with a V5)

I would like a longer wheelbase anyway since an 88" wheelbase and 37" tyres makes a poor ride and the propshaft angles are an issue too.

Question is should I go for a 93" wheelbase or 100"?

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Many would say the 100" is the best wheelbase that land rover ever created , but it all depends on what you want to do with it ??

For everyday use and a nice stable off roader then the 100 inch is ideal , but on the other hand if you intend to use it for challenges in tight areas then I would suggest the 93" wheelbase .

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I'd go 100 - then you can use an unchopped RR chassis (a good one will set you back about £1.50) which keeps you on relatively stable ground SVA wise, and does 7" really make that much difference?

Corrode_Finger's hybrid experience shows you can stick a LR body on a RR chassis and the DVLA are happy enough with just a VIC, however due to the low number of original components you have you could still be on slightly iffy ground - if the DVLA will swallow the idea that all the bits were replaced like-for-like due to age over a number of years and then you just plonked the defender bodywork on, you're a winner. Starting with a V8 RR chassis that left the factory with the same transmission as you have would encourage that idea.

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