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Global Warming?


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While lying in the sun this lunchtime, the brain was off on a tangent as usual.

The accepted "wisdom" is that global warming causes the ice caps to melt and the sea level rises, but I had a "what if?" moment.

What if the rise in sea level was due to all the molten rock being forced out of the ground in the deep Atlantic trenches?

That would displace water, and also heat it up at the same time, giving an increase in volume - voila a rise in sea level!!!

Come on you rocket scientists give us a hand here :D

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Ah, but if the molten rock is coming out then there either has to be a reduction in volume

of the sea bed or a big hole that would fill with water.

So would it not be that the sea level stays roughly the same ?

You are forgetting all the subduction going on at the other ends of the tectonic plates....

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