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Since I put the 2.5 petrol into my Series One I have had a K&N filter on the carb elbow. It happened to be in the garage when I needed a filter, and was neater (also less restrictive) than putting a long pipe round to original oil bath filter (which has a much smaller outlet pipe).

Since fitting megajolt and being able to watch the pressure/vacuum readings as I'm driving (while occasionally looking at the road :o ), I have noticed that there seems to be a 'ram' effect - also if it's windy it makes the pressure change substantially which the megajolt interprets as me putting my foot down and changes the timing. The timing and therefore the mixture are not at all steady.

Apart from various comments about the effectiveness of K&N filters, it is exposed to any water splashing in from between the wing and bonnet (as well as all the holes around the engine bay of a S1!), so a proper filter would be a good plan.

Is there another model that has an air filter box that I could use? Something self-contained so I could mount it somewhere and simply attach a pipe to the carb? A LR product would be better so I remember what it is and can get filters from LR suppliers!

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I'm using a Disco 200TDi one, because I had one :P if you've got room a 110 V8 filter is the size of a dustbin. There was a pic on Pirate of a guy who hacked up an oil-bath filter to stuff a Saab paper element in but it really didn't seem worth the hassle (and he made a poor job of it IMHO)

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Do I need to find an air filter with inlet/outlet roughly the same size diameter, or do I need to get one off any engine with about the same horse-power?

Yes :P

If you're talking standard filters, find a filter & airbox that are from a vehicle of similar or greater power, and that has an outlet of convenient size. If you can find a LR one all the better as it makes buying replacement filters cheaper & easier.

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I am sure that a disco 200 airbox would supply more than enough air for your 2 1/2 petrol. They are also 2 a penny at the mo but make sure you get the cradle too. Expect to pay a tenner for the box and cradle secondhand.



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