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Are they any good - I'm interested in feedback on the Ryobi ONE+ cordless tools in general, and the cordless impact wrench in particular.

I'd like to get a cordless impact, and I like the fact that so many of their tools use the same battery and charger.

The 135NM rating seems a bit low compared to others - will that suffice or will I wish I had more capacity?

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I have several of the Ryobi one plus tools, including the impact driver. Its a very robust tool, the torque is quite low and it will struggle with larger nuts (it will take off wheel nuts but it takes it out of the battery and won't undo all nuts on one battery).

I have used it on lots of nuts and bolts on the discovery and normally works well.

They also do a good lamp and a 12v car charger.

I supose it depends what you want to use it for, if its to undo larger nuts all day get somthing bigger.

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I have a Ryobi Router very good quality.

As for impact guns I crack the wheel nuts with a break bar then use the impact gun to remove them

saves the battery, although fully charged it will undo and refit a couple of sets of wheels

I have the Dewalt large version though, I see they are cheap on ebay-minus the batteries which are also available seeperatly on there

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Just to add my praise for the Ryobi One+ kit, I use a fair bit of it, got some when it first came out and it's still going strong after a couple of years of abuse. The batteries are also still good n strong.

Keep an eye open for good deals at B&Q or Screwfix that come with a tool or two a bag, charger & 2 batts then flog on Ebay the bits you don't want and you end up with extra charger(s) & batts for next to nothing.

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