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Axle Oils - Which to use ??


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This may sound to be a bit daff, but bear with me on this question.

Looking through the different LR manuals, I see that one book will say that the final drive units in the Disco uses MIL-L-2105 C/D gear oil. Then the same year Defender axle, in that manual is says that that axle uses Molytex 90W EP.

Now what is really the difference? I mean, they are both basically the same axle, aren't they not?

The reason why I'm asking, is cause the local garage is having a clear out sale and they have a shelf full of MIL-L-2105 C/D going for 75% off :o As I just installed a Defender front axle on the hybrid, why can't I use it, or can I ?

Appreciate your comments.


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Guest diesel_jim

just did a quick search on google, and it's a US military spec oil! (apart from others), but:

Castrol EPX M 90

Castrol EPX M 90 is an extreme pressure hypoid lubricant designed for the protection of heavily loaded steel gears. It is recommended for use in cars, certain trucks (especially Mercedes Benz), farm machinery, earthmoving and excavating equipment.

Recommended where these specifications are required:

API Service Classification GL5.

SAE J306b Viscosity Classification, 90.

US Military MIL-L-2105, B, C, D 90.

ZF TE-ML 01, 05, 07, 08, 12.

MAN 342, N, ML

Mercedes Benz Sheet 235.6 (supersedes 235.0)

Volvo 1273.10

Castrol EPX M 90 has been formulated to fully comply with the viscosity and chemical requirements of Mercedes Benz Specifications for Service Products, Sheet 235.6.

It is the prime recommendation for Mercedes Benz mechanical steering and commercial vehicle hypoid axles and associated transfer cases.

so, reading between the lines it looks like the two oils (EP90 and the MIL-L-2105) may be interchangable.

Perhaps Mr Ashcroft might be a good source of info on it.

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