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LR G4 Trek (G4 challenege)

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Speaking of Beadles in Sidcup...

This is my local... (live about a mile from them...)

The guys in the parts shop are VERY helpful and they don't mind when I come with the muddy disco.

The salespeople are OK too... depends which one... :rolleyes:

Caloline is the service manager I think and she is one of the top trialers in the ARC

she has a S1 3.9V8. 80" QT trialer in pink that she also comps it at the nationals, she's quick too.

(She is my wifes co-driver and her husband was my Co-driver in the britsh championships)

Say hello form me next time you there...

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Blimey Will, I hope they had more than a 110 on the end of the line to keep the tension on..... :lol::ph34r:

The cheek of it!! You can buy me a pint for that one ;)

Thats Andy Jenkins manning the G4 (his parents live next door to yours Bish), I did warn him over the radio that I was coming down the zipline and give him his due he stuck by his station and slowed me down at the bottom.

Will :)

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